Details TETJE

Family tree name            : Aida Ridgeback Eniola

NHSB nr.                             : 3161281

call sign                         : Tetje

Sex                              : Teef

Born                             : 02 juni 2019 te Stadskanaal

Father                                   : Enzi Embuleni El-Faiynum

Mother                               : Aida Ridgeback Awena


Heupdysplasie                 : HDA

Elbow Dysplasia          : Vrij

JME                                         : Vrij

DM                                          :Vrij

Hemophillia B                  : Vrij

EIC                                          : Vrij

RidgeGen                           : R/r
(Documenten zijn altijd in te zien tijdens een gesprek/bezoek)


Character TETJE
Tetje is a stable and very friendly bitch. She is always a bit hesitant among dogs at first. But after a few minutes she understands how the dogs are put together and she knows how to mix it well. She is everyone's friend, but also knows how to set her limits.

She is very social with people. She is easily approachable if she knows you. If she doesn't know you, she can be a little hesitant at times, but that's part of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. But she will come to you on her own and once the contact is made, it's all good. She is really a cuddly ass and likes to lie with her bibs against me. Where I am, she is. She likes to do everything together and most focused on one person, but she loves her whole family.

Fairly exceptional for a Ridgeback, but our Tetje loves water. She can swim and especially snorkel with the best. She grew up in our house with cats. She is friendly in her way, but also sometimes quite rude. They are her friends in the house and they often play the Rhodesian way.