My name is Marjolijn Schepers and together with my husband Ruben we would like to welcome you to our website. We live together with our Rhodesian Ridgeback and two cats on the new land, also called the Flevopolder, in beautiful Dronten.

In the past we have always had dogs of various breeds. But a few years ago we fell in love with the "Rhodesian Ridgeback" breed instantly. My brother had a Ridgeback for a long time. We saw how she belonged to the family and how faithful and gentle she was to all members of the family. We immediately noticed that it was a very special breed. This was the moment that we started to delve more deeply into this beautiful breed.

When we then moved into our farm in Dronten in 2019, it was really time for us to look for a good breeder, who bred according to the rules of the RRCN (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Netherlands). After a conversation with the breeders, we were put on the waiting list for a female. And after some time our beautiful lady, Aida Ridgeback Eniola, called Tetje, was allowed to go home.

We now enjoy our sweet four-legged friend every day. We cannot imagine life without her. All my free time is spent on our lady and sometimes Ruben's too. During the summer, Ruben mainly focuses on his own ladies, namely our Buckfast bees. You can regularly meet me and us in the woods and on the heath in the Veluwe and surroundings. I also spend time on various training sessions for Tetje and myself, including obedience training and ring training.

I also did the Basic Breeding and Keeping of Dogs Course (formerly the KK1) and passed all exams with flying colors. At the moment I am doing the Advanced Kynological Knowledge (formerly the KK2) and I am preparing for the exams. I have also successfully completed the following courses:

  • From covering to fledging;
  • Choices within breeding;
  • Dealing with diseases in breeding.

A course is also planned in July 2021 on “Embark-What is it and how does it work?” This concerns DNA testing for the dogs, so that certain diseases can be excluded with certainty.

In recent years I have studied the breed and its health. As mentioned above, I have followed various courses and acquired knowledge. This and the necessary experience I have gained with our own dogs has led me to realize my dream, which is to have my own Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel. This is how our kennel "De Verwenderij"  was created.