The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a special dog, not a breed that is right for everyone. The strong and quirky, independent character of the dog requires a handler who is consistent in a friendly manner and has a lot of patience and a good sense of humor. Ridgebacks are smart but also sensitive dogs; dealing with the dog must be clear and honest, the dog must have the feeling that it can trust its master. The Ridgeback is a dog that deserves respect – if you give it to him, then you can expect it in return. Building the bond with your dog is of the utmost importance. With this you can control the interaction between you and your dog and the behavior of your housemate in a much better way. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are, with exceptions, very affectionate towards their owners. They belong to the owner or the family in the house, they are absolutely not dogs to keep outside in a kennel or to exclude them from family life.

The Ridgeback is, as mentioned, strong but at the same time very sensitive. Most Ridgebacks will therefore quickly make associations. This has the advantage that they learn very quickly, but the disadvantage that they often have enough of one negative experience to develop an aversion to something or someone. You regularly see that when a Ridgeback as a puppy has had a negative experience with a certain breed, he will react fearfully or even fearfully aggressively for the rest of his life. This can of course be prevented with good socialization and sufficient training/guidance.

A Ridgeback will benefit greatly from a suitable dog school with certified instructors where they train without correction devices.

Rather lazy than tired?

The Ridgeback is an athletic dog in generally very good condition who loves walks and space to run.

They like to run, play, in some cases also swim and they need sufficient, but not excessive, exercise. In the house they are quiet to lazy. They love to sleep – preferably in the most comfortable place possible (the couch, a thick and large pillow, soft and fluffy rugs are also very much appreciated). Many Ridgeback owners understand this character very well and their dogs are often catered for with beautiful dog beds, special baskets and pillows and lots of blankets to lie under. And many special poses are taken.

If there's one thing Ridgebacks love, it's lying in the sun. In the absence of sun, the stove also works fine. You sometimes wonder why their hair is still on it: they're so close to it that you'd expect them to scorch away. But: the warmer the better.